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5Qs with Sharam - First-to-last at Marquee 7.25.15



The Deep Dish reunion has been one of the biggest stories of 2014. What’s it been like working together again after being solo? Just like the old days, or have there been a lot of adjustments to make?

It’s another day at the office with an 8 year gap.

You guys dropped your single “Quincy” in March. Is there more new music coming soon?

Yes. Stay tuned.

Yoshitoshi has been putting great music since 1994 - that’s 20 years as one of the leading independent underground labels. Are you doing anything special to celebrate this? How difficult has it been to run a label like this for so long?

To celebrate 20 years we’re talking to a lot of DJ’s/Producers and letting them pick one favorite track from the catalog to remix, and re-releasing the originals re-mastered along with the remixes. The idea is to have 20 records representing 20 years of the label remixed, one from each year of the catalog. There will also be a compilation we are planning and a series of parties with some of those remixers and original artists. It’s a big undertaking but we’re very excited about reintroducing the catalog to a whole new generation of dance music enthusiasts and DJs via this 20 for 20 Yoshi project. Hope ESPN doesn’t come after us. ;o)

Tell us about the “Tripi” track you did for Seth Troxler’s Play It Say It label. It was a real tripped out track and quite a departure from your usual stuff. How did this one come together, and is there more like it out there?

I was hanging out with Seth in Brazil and we were talking music, state of the scene and our philosophy as DJs, etc. and he said ‘just play interesting music’. That resonated with me, because that’s exactly what I believe in.

A lot of DJs tend to become one dimensional and get trapped in the genre game. There is a ‘high school musical’ side to our scene where you have to belong to a clique. I’ve never been a fan of that concept. I love and respect all the movers and shakers from all corners of our dance music scene. And personally I just focus on playing interesting music, period. So inherently I’ve always ended up making different kinds of records and taking on more risks as a producer because of my vast influence. Sometimes they end up being rewarding and sometimes they fly over people’s heads. But that’s the nature of the beast and you have to embrace it. More often than not, it ends up surprising a lot of people. I just go where the inspiration takes me.

So I said to Seth, speaking of interesting, I gotta send you something I just did, and the rest as they say is history. It’s really cool to have this record come together organically and end up on a like-minded colleague’s label in a totally organic way.

You were one of the first guests to play at Marquee when we started Fridays in January 2013. What are you looking forward to most about being back at the club, and what can we expect from your set? 

I loved playing at Marquee. It’s a perfect balance of underground and VIP with the focus never veering off of music. Noah and Jason really understand the concept of ‘interesting’ and thinking outside of the box, which is very refreshing and much inline with my philosophy of a party. I love playing interesting music at interesting venues for interesting people with interesting backers. Perfect setting for magic to happen. I’m playing a first- to-last set this time around and taking people on a tripi ride. :o)


Sharam returns to Marquee on Friday July 25th.


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