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5Qs with Mark Knight - Friday Oct. 3rd at Marquee



A few weeks ago you began your #RESET campaign and revealed a new concept for Toolroom. Why did you feel it was time for to change things up?

It just got to the stage where after so much success and growth as a label and business we wanted to really define what Toolroom should stand for over the next decade. As we grew more and more successful I think we went in a direction we weren’t necessarily 100% comfortable with. #RESET was about really taking control of our musical space and redefining what Toolroom means to the dance music world. It’s been a really interesting and exciting process and I think we have really set the bar for a great stretch as a label.

Tell us about the Toolroom Live compilation. Why did you choose the artists featured on it?  

Toolroom Live was our way of bringing the idea of Toolroom changing to life. Weiss and Adrian Hour are both the best in their respective sounds right now. Weiss has really customized and perfected his take on underground house music and Adrian Hour makes incredible main room techno. Between the three of us, we were really able to hone in on Toolroom’s musical space and the diversity now available within that sound. It’s one that we are very proud to be occupying right now and I think Toolroom Live 01 is everything you need to know about what Toolroom stands for right now.

You’ve said you see a lot of creative musical potential to be found in between the commercial styles and the underground sounds. Where do you see your music sitting in that spectrum currently? 

 People seem so wrapped up in the mainstream and commercial that they forget about the middle ground. That is one of the most exciting spaces and I think that is exactly where I sit. It is about having music that is credible, not just tailored to a particular moment in time or trend. My ambition is to make credible music that stands the test of time and makes people want to dance.

You just wrapped up a Monday residency at Booom in Ibiza and a very busy summer in addition. What was the highlight for you about having a weekly residency on the island?  Any trends or sounds that really jumped out at you this season?

Given that we were late starting it was great, we set ourselves up nicely for next year. What was great was to see people flocking from all over the island to listen to proper house music. There’s been a lot of signs of change in Ibiza over the years, both culturally and musically, but the energy and enthusiasm I was seeing on a weekly basis was really positive to see. I think now that people are paying attention to that world again the scope for house artists and brands to really take back that market is going to be huge.  

This will be your third time playing at Marquee this year. Now that you’ve been there twice, what can we expect from your set for this Friday ?

It’s always a pleasure to play at Marquee! What to expect? Good house music. Simple ;)


Mark Knight plays at Marquee New York on Friday October 3rd with Sleepy & Boo. 


Great event yesterday @marqueeny! Kudos to the #DoubleDutch app for thinking outside the box and using a nightclub to host a conference! How will your company stand out?

This past Saturday, Usher (@Howuseeit) performed an acoustic version of #SheCameToGiveItToYou @MarqueeNY! Part of the #NovaRedRoom event. #NYFW View the full video on our Facebook.

This past Saturday, Usher (@Howuseeit) performed an acoustic version of #SheCameToGiveItToYou @MarqueeNY! Part of the #NovaRedRoom event. #NYFW View the full video on our Facebook.

5Qs with Erick Morillo - Fri. Sept. 12th at Marquee



This summer you’ve come back on the scene in a big way, playing gigs all around the world. You were away from music for quite some time.  As someone who was so used to touring and traveling, was it difficult for you to take that time off? How has it been being back on the road? 

This summer was amazing! I decided I was just going to do a few special shows and take the time off to rest and enjoy Ibiza. I played the 14-year anniversary parties at Club Space Miami and the 25-year anniversary at Space Ibiza. Ultra Croatia with my good friend Carl Cox was special. I also played at my old stomping grounds Ministry of Sound in London. Most of the summer, I vacationed in Ibiza and I was able to relax and listen to some great music.  

Getting back on the road is part of the process. I’m use to the routine and fortunately I’m passionate about playing music for my fans so it makes it easier to spend the 30+ hours a week on a plane during busy season.

Your sound has evolved so much throughout your career. You’ll be playing a “deep, down & dirty” set at Marquee on Sept. 12th. What does this sound mean to you, and what kind of set can we look forward to from you on the night? 

My sound has evolved and I have returned to the Erick Morillo of old who loves his tribal, deep house as well as the dirty grooves. I love the fact that now there is such a big audience for that type of music and it has allowed me express myself the way I always wanted to.  It’s definitely going to be a very special set on Friday night - don’t miss it!

Your Subliminal night was one of the longest-running and consistent parties in Ibiza. Is running your own night in Ibiza something you’d like to do again? 

Ibiza is a magical place. Subliminal Sessions on the island was very special and the 13-year residency is one of the longest residencies to date. For sure, you’ll see the Erick Morillo banner on the island in the very near future. There is a lot happening for Subliminal in 2015 which I’m very excited about. Definitely stay tuned!

As a DJ and a producer you’ve always been known for your underground sets as much as your more big-room ones. Are you more excited to play one style versus the other these days? 

I’m so happy to be able to return to the underground sound, and now that I took some time off and was able to reflect, I realized that playing underground makes me happy. Now it’s all about the Deep Down & Dirty grooves and I’m so excited to showcase my sound at Marquee!

You’ve been a big part of New York’s house music culture and history now for a long time. Is there any particular club or period of time that really stands out in your mind as an important time in your career? 

In the late 80’s early 90’s, I spent countless hours at Sound Factory Bar listening Louie Vega and Twilo listening to Danny Tenaglia and Junior Vasquez.

That particular time period influenced me musically both as a DJ and producer. It was definitely a great time to be a house head in New York City. Some of the New York DJ house legends were just starting to make a name for themselves and it was very exciting to have extremely talented house DJ’s playing throughout the city from Monday through Sunday.   

One of my favorite parties was Subliminal Sessions at Centro Fly. Also Discotheque after-hours which we did once a month from 5am until 10pm. By far the best memory was watching Danny Tenaglia dancing on top of the speakers for 4 hours to my set. It’s what dreams are made of!


Erick Morillo “Deep, Down & Dirty” debuts at Marquee New York this Friday with Sleepy & Boo


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