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5Qs with Wolf + Lamb - Marquee New York Fri. Aug. 1st



The Marcy Hotel is somewhat of a mythical place in New York’s underground history. Tell us about the origins of the place itself and it’s current status. A lot of people actually thought it was a real hotel, right?

Yeah, definitely, though it’s not their fault we spent some time and thought trying to fool people. It was a response to a lot of people taking dance music too seriously. When people finally figured it out and made it there, there had been some effort invested, so people really felt at home. 

How did you come up with the concept of the Crew Love parties? And what does it take for an artist to be part of the crew these days?

Crew Love is an extension of the Wolf + Lamb family. Soul Clap are now bringing up their own artists, and other artists in family can start their own thing and the crew encompasses all of it. Becoming a part of the crew means keeping Baby Prince’s or Soul Clap’s interest and throwing down with the crew long enough to get some music signed. Everyone has to really like them too. 

If you go on your website and listen to the podcasts, you can really hear the evolution of the Wolf + Lamb sound and vibe. Is the minimal techno something you’d want to explore again?


Living in Brooklyn and doing your parties there really figures into the foundation of your music. The city - and Brooklyn especially - has changed so much in the last 10 years. How has that affected what you guys do?

I think our success as touring DJ’s had a lot more to do with the changes we’ve had. We’re both not big on “it used to be so much better”… 

You’re going to be making your debut at Marquee on Friday August 1st. What are you looking forward to most about playing at the club? Anything you do differently when you play in your hometown? 

Since the Marcy’s calmed down and become more of a studio for the crew, we’ve really enjoyed exploring and playing at NY’s sweet spots, Marquee’s high up on there and we’re really excited to share our music in a venerated NY venue. No shit.


Wolf + Lamb debuts at Marquee this Friday August 1st along with Sleepy & Boo. 



Multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, DJ, Producer Tyler Sherritt has recently taken up another hobby, which is catching the attention of followers and food enthusiasts! His twitter posts revolving around anything from extravagant meals to his weekly Chipotle run has generated the hashtag #DiningWithTylerSherritt. It has been gaining tons of attention with really great responses of people wanting to eat where he eats and people constantly ask to join him for meals. 

With one of Tyler’s largest fan bases here in NYC, and his upcoming debut show at Marquee NY, we are announcing the FIRST EVER contest to actually sit down and dine with Tyler Sherritt!! 

Contest Details: Enter to win a VIP experience for 2 people to dine with Tyler at Tao Groups prestigious restaurant Tao Downtown and then join him for his show, at Marquee NY, following the meal.

Tweet: I just entered the #DiningWith @TylerSherritt contest @MarqueeNY this Saturday! Enter at:
About Tyler Sherritt:
Tyler Sherritt has been breaking through the dance music industry with his original, progressive house and trance sound, most often accompanied by his sensational vocals featured on his tracks.  In the past few months Sherritt has taken a step back from producing your typical club hits to dive into a project which most artists can only dream of producing. Expect a fusion of all of Tyler’s influences as a Singer, Songwriter, and live performing artist and all of his influences as a DJ and Producer in the dance music industry.  With Sherritt’s recent announcement of his debut at TomorrowWorld, the buzz of this rising artist has sparked the attention of people worldwide. 

Full album from Hilary Duff’s album release party

Hilary Duff making her entrance at Marquee New York debuting Chasing the Sun.

Hilary Duff making her entrance at Marquee New York debuting Chasing the Sun.

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