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5Qs with Tchami - Marquee New York Fri. Aug. 8th



EDC Las Vegas, Red Rocks, Governor’s Island, Hard Summer, Osheaga Montreal…those are some of the big shows you’ve played at this summer in North America. What’s been the biggest highlight for you? 

It’s hard to pick one. Those you named have different vibes that I enjoyed. But I think Hard Summer was the place where people were the most connected with the music I played. It was electrical.

You really just started releasing music in 2013. Do you have any idea as to why your music has taken off so fast, and you’ve been able to reach so many people in such a relatively short period of time?

It still remains a kind of a mystery to me. I really think it’s about maturity. So I put a lot of my musical background in my music. Hip Hop, House, Soul, Funk then I add all the influences that I like today to create something very personal. Said like that it can sound messy but overall my main goal is to make it work with all these elements.

Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” and Marshall Jefferson’s “Move Your Body” are some of the older tracks you’ve remixed. Why did you choose those tracks to remix? Any other classic remixes coming up?

You forgot the “stressed out” remix which had a immense influence on me. I can make something good remixing these tracks only because they mean something to me. I’m thinking about some other classics to work on but it’s the best kept secret for now.

When you perform, and in all of your pictures, you wear a clerical collar. You’ve mentioned that spirituality is important to you. Can you explain why you wear the collar, and what it means to you? 

So the main reason is that I like this outfit. I wanted something classy and spiritual too that could fit with the vibe of my music. So the idea is not to say something especially about Christianity and I believe that most of the people that know my songs are getting the idea now. It’s way wider than that. Music can really help people in their life. It’s not just an entertainment, it’s something serious that is made for us to heal us every day. Spirituality (most of the religions included) has the same goals. So I make a huge point to avoid putting any religious content in my shows except this clerical collar that I’m wearing. To be simple It’s a visual expression of my musical vision.

This Friday will be your first time at Marquee New York, and third time in New York City this year.  What’s your favorite thing about New York, and playing your music in New York in particular? 

New York was my first contact with the US I went there when I was young and I still have some great memories about the city. It’s like your first love. You’ll never forget it.


Tchami debuts at Marquee New York Friday August 8th. 


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France’s Tchami has emerged onto the international house music scene in a big way this year, conquering festivals and clubs alike with his irresistible combination of deep and tech house grooves with a big room sensibility. His sound has been embraced by the tastemaking Fool’s Good and Spinnin’ labels, and his mixes have blown up online. This week, Marquee Fridays continues its commitment to pushing the newest in cutting edge underground sounds as Tchami takes the decks for his much-anticipated venue debut. Joining him on the night will be New York’s Vanjee. 

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